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Use a Computer

Whether you want to connect to the internet on your device, use a full desktop computer or laptop and printer, we've got your tech needs covered

NEW!! Thanks to funding from Meta's Altoona Data Center, you can take the lab anywhere in the library!

Check out a laptop, and work where it works for you - use your library card at the dispenser and use the laptop just like a lab computer.

Laptops are for in-library use only, and follow all lab policies.

Our computers are available for up to 2 hours at a time and are easiest to access with your library card. While we can create a guest pass for you, it will require that you visit the desk every time you want to use the computer. With your library card, computer and printer use are 100% self-service!

We'll be glad to assist you with those pesky tech problems. Please bring a flash drive to save files - we do not keep anything saved on computers, and for security reasons we do not allow programs or other files to be downloaded to our computers.

There is a scanner available for use to email, print, or save to a memory device. It will even help you fine tune photos and edit heirloom pictures to create nearly new copies.

Printing fees are $0.15 per page for black and white, and $0.50 per page for color. We apologize, but we do not allow any paper other than our own standard 8.5" X 11.0" paper. For printing on specialty paper, please visit a local office supply/printing company.

Wi-Fi is available without a password both inside and outside near the building.

All computer, internet, and Wi-fi use are subject to all applicable laws and library policies. Refusal to comply with staff requests and directives may result in loss of library privileges.

Please note: lab computers shut down automatically approximately 15 minutes before the library's closing time.  Plan accordingly!

Mobile Printing

Whether you're at home and your printer is on strike, or you're working off our wireless at the library, you can still print to the computer lab printer. Choose one of three methods based on your device and your preferences, then head to the vending area of the lab to pay for your prints!


  • Click here to upload a file for wireless printing to our computer lab.
  • Need an email or email attachment printed? Forward it to for black and white documents, or for color.
  • Download the ePRINTit SaaS app from Google Play or Apple Store, and send your print job via the app!