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D.I.Y. Escape Room – Scratch Tutorial

Watch the video below to learn how to make your own Scratch Game keypad or password.


Here are the two Scratch games we used in the video:

Enter the Code

Password Dragon

If you would like to see the other Scratch games we have used for the library, click here.

Things that we include in our kits:

  • 3 Hint Cards
  • Instruction Manual with a QR code to the Scratch Game and instructions for the host
  • Clues & Props for clues
  • Win/Lose Sign
  • A Paper Guide for players to record numbers/letters for the code


Ideas for Escape Room Clues:

  • Puzzle – Write shape/answer and cut into pieces to be put back together
  • Stackable Clue – The clue shows through when you stack the pieces together
  • Glow Paint – Hide clues using glow paint, then put it somewhere where it will get light, then shine when the lights are off
  • Invisible Ink – You can use a black light to reveal invisible ink messages, or you can use one of these methods (WARNING: If you use heat/flame to reveal, ask for a parent’s help)
  • Yarn – Follow the yarn to get to clues or tie parts of the clue to the yarn so the players have to follow it to get the right order
  • Red Reveal – You can do this a number of ways, but the easiest way is to write the message in blue/green and then color over it with squiggles in red/yellow/orange (Instructables)
  • Math – Use grids or math problems to solve for the answer
  • Hide – Hide parts of the clue around the room
  • Riddles – You can do this for part of the clue or you can have one riddle lead to another spot where a riddle is in a kind of chain reaction
  • Word Scramble – Mix up the letters in the words
  • Cipher – Assign letters a symbol, another letter, or a number and write a message in a secret code that the players have to decipher