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Trolls Party

Wave your hair in the air!

If you signed up for our Trolls Party Activity Kits, you will have everything you need to have a fun Trolls themed party with friends or family. Follow the instructions below:

1. Pick the music! Any troll knows you need an awesome playlist for a party. Don’t have music?  Click on the images below to check out one of the awesome CDs from the library:

Disney Junior DJ Shuffle 2    Trolls : the beat goes on!    Kidz bop 32    La la love to dance   Baby Beatles!


2.  Have your guests make their Troll Hair & a Maraca


















3. Tell your guests that there are trolls hidden around the room. Each troll has a letter. When you put all the letters together, they spell out the secret dance. (Make sure to hide the trolls before the party.)

4. Dance Party! Here is the perfect song to start things off!


5.Learn a new dance. Print out the “Feet Dance Steps” from the link below and cut out each foot. Tape them to the floor and have kids follow the pattern from each number to do the dance. Be careful. If you don’t tape them down, they may slide on the floor when stepped on. You can also learn some fun dances in the videos below.

Feet Dance Steps

Dance-a-long Songs on YouTube

Wiggle It  – Koo Koo Kanga Roo  (Pre-K)

Nick Junior Freeze Dance (Pre-K)

Move! by Super Simple Songs (Pre-K)

The Goldfish Song – Laurie Berkner (Pre-K)

“Blinded by the Lights” – Kidz  Bop

More from Kidz Bop – Live videos 3 PM EST / 12 PM PT daily

Learn Dances from Disney’s Descendants (Older kids)


6. Maybe your trolls need to cool down with some Troll Yoga. Below is a 30 minute yoga class for kids.


7. It’s time for Pixie Punch! Use a clear soda (7-up or Sprite work the best) or juice and have the kids pour their pixie stix into the drink.  The drink will change colors, and (in soda) it will fizz. You know what goes great with Pixie Punch? Fairy Bread! Spread butter (or Nutella) on a piece of bread and cover it with sprinkles!

Fairy Bread